The twin sister's extreme spit-humiliation
The twin sisters Anna & Kathy love to dominate and humiliate men. This time they bound a loser on the couch and force him to open his mouth to spit right into it. But they don't aim that good and in the end not only his mouth but his whole face is covered by the twin's spit. To increase the humiliation even more they force him to eat a chewed bubble gum afterwards. Totally degrading!
Blonde Jessy tramples and spits
Blonde Jessy wants to punish her disobeying slave and looks totally gorgeous in her black high heel boots and hot pants. She starts to spit on the floor, rub her boots in her own spit and rub them all over his face before she steps up on his chest and tramples him under her painful high heels while she continues to spit all over his face and rubs her boots on his face!
Brat girl Anna shows you her ass and spits
You follow brat girl Anna into the wood, looking at her sexy jeans ass when she climbs on an observation tower. On top of the observation tower she starts to spit on the ground and rub her black dirty boots in her spit. Now your job comes! Lick the spit from her dirty boots and the disgusting dirty floor and maybe she'll even spit in your face, too!
Pornstar Gina Blonde spits in slave's mouth
Gina Blonde has invited a fan for her sadistic games. She binds his arms behind his back and scissors him between her powerful legs and forces him to open his mouth - to spit right into it! She finds great pleasure in humiliating this guy buy spitting into his mouth and all over his face - and there's nothing he can do to stop his idol from using him!
BBW Facesitting & Spitting
BBW mistress Cathy sits down on a slave's face wearing only a bikini today. He gets totally smothered under the big butt of his mistress but that's not all for today. She gets off his face and sits down on his chest - fixating his head between her powerful tights and starts to spit right into his face.
Spit Licking instructions for you
BBW Lady Cathy sits on a couch and spits on the floor right in front of her. She rubs her dirty black boots in her spit - mixing it with the dirt from the floor and her shoes. Afterwards she instructs you to lick her disgusting boots clean as well as to lick her divine spit from the very dirty floor!
Turkish spitting mistress Ceylan
Turkish mistress Ceylan has no mercy with pathetic slaves like you! She spits on the front right next to her feet and tells you to lick it all from the dirty floor! You better do what your mistress tells you if you don't want her to force you to! Maybe she'll force you to clean her dirty sneakers afterwards, too!
Xenia forces slave to lick her spit
Xenia's slave sits on the cold floor when his mistress enters the room and spits right into his face and his mouth! She even spits on the floor and makes him lick it from the floor and her sexy red high heels before she forces him to lie down on the floor and continues to spit into his face and mouth!
Janette prepares a spit drink for you
Janette knows about you little secret - your perverted fantasies about girl's spit. Even though she thinks that's totally disgusting she'll do you a little favour - preparing you a nice spit drink. She takes a sparkling wine glass and starts to spit into the glass until there's plenty of her divine spit in the glass and instructs you to drink it afterwards!
Katja face-spitting and spit licking
Mistress Katja forced one of her slave to lie down under a big heavy couch and sits down on top of the couch. She first spits right into his face but soon starts to spit on the sole of her high heels and bare feet and forces her slave to lick it from her sexy shoes and feet. All while still sitting on the couch - forcing the leg of the couch deep into his stomach!